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“Brilliant product for a fraction of cost, built like a tank. Sounds incredible. its a very potent power amplifier and matches and beats the likes of many other power amplifiers costing 4x – 5x the cost.”

Aman Jain

“The initial impressions were pretty awesome. It got tons of power for my speakers and I’m really enjoying the music. The bass is smooth and punchy, the vocals are lush and the highs are crisp. Even at lower volumes, you will feel like the singer is singing in front of you. I really liked the way the vocals sound. The instrument separation is also remarkable to mention. Overall, I feel it is a nice amp that definitely sounds way above its price.”

Manu J.

“Superb sounding amplifier for price, dynamic, punchy with tons of power on tap, built like a tank and absolute VFM. Aniket is a gem of a guy, answers all of the queries and takes feedback positively!”

Amrut Mhatre

Excellent Sounding Amp. Rock Solid Built.

Nilesh Chudasama

The amp is very clean sounding and has lots of power on tap.

Vineeth kumar

After hunting for an AMP for my DynAudios which can go up to 150 watts searching far and wide without unreasonable price tags was never impossible.

Sid Shetty

His ss2150 amp is very transparent.

Nishant Rastogi

It’s truly amazing, powerful and smooth sounding amplifier.

Chandrasekhar Baruva

Power and preamps from Krell, Cary audio, and other high-end brands are being used for the last 30 years.

Anil Jannu

Superb sounding amplifier and built like a tank and definitely a VFM.

Vishnu Narayanan

The amps are excellent, and Mr Aniket is a great designer.

Somanna BC

The O&B audio product is awesome, VFM and brilliant sounding.

sourabh banerjee

The power amplifier 2150 O&b is up to our expectations and sounds great.

Chandan Maharana

Awesome products, VFM, and brilliant sounding amps.

Aman Jain